Welcome to my holistic nutrition website.

By visiting my website you make me feel that I have taken the right steps. I wanted to thank you due to your interest in holistic nutrition, questioning its reality.

Now it is time to introduce myself to you and share some information what actually holistic nutrition is.

My name is Bersu Ekinci, and I am living in Istanbul, Turkey.

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University Media and Corporate Communication Department in 2007.

After a long term working experience in the media and advertising sector, I struggled with some health issues. My health problems such as IBS, fibromyalgia, acne led me to have an education in Nutrition. I studied Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), which is unique in its field in New York. This school is one of the important educational institutions that combine different dietary theories (ranging from traditional recipes to modern, current diets) with practice. During my education, had the chance to examine dozens of different diets and gained knowledge about their reflections on health, life and people. I worked with the world’s most experienced trainers and experts in the field of holistic nutrition and sports.After education in New York, I studied Functional Nutrition at MindBodyFood Institute in Australia

I am an approved Yoga Alliance Instructor and also have the certificate of 2nd Level Wellness Coaching approved by Turkish Ministry of Sports. I have added AC and Yeditepe University-approved Professional Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner certificates to my experience. Alongside I am a MEB (Turkish Educational Ministry) approved Healthy Life Instructor. I added the Aromatherapy Training, which was approved by Istanbul Aydın University a while ago, to all of these.

Science is developing and I am working with all my strength to follow it at the same pace.

You can send me all your questions you want to learn about me via the contact form.